Date 26th February 2016
Society Saxilby Drama Circle
Venue Saxilby Village Hall
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Jackie Ward and Richard Kort
Musical Director Richard Kort
Choreographer Chloe Bridge


Author: David Fisher

Having a few months earlier attended a play by this society it came as no surprise that they took on a modern pantomime and from the instant the curtain opened until the close the whole thing proceeded at a pace and of a quality of a very gifted group of people.

The singing both of individuals and chorus was to be applauded, although it is fair to say that the male chorus was greater than that of the female voice. The lighting, costumes and props were of an exceptional quality. All the voices carried through the audience and it was apparent everybody had been well directed. When involving the audience although we knew this was ad-libbed, it did not give this impression.

The part which really got the audience going was that of the Bear, who completely carried the audience the whole night. Even when some of the younger people were using face mics these all worked excellently. One of the characters was actually "invisible". All characters that were onstage with this invisible character positioned themselves to show us that there was a character present onstage.

At the start of the second half we were entertained by the song "If I Was Not". All the characters taking part had superb timing and it was apparent that as it built up the audience were applauding spontaneously. There was a scene involving an adventurous bed and a talking clock, both of which were fabulous. The finale of the wedding was so well done that to see co-ordinated clothes being worn as well gave the evening a totally professional feel. The only words that the audience used to express how they felt was WOW.