Date 7th July 2016
Society Diva Productions
Type of Production MUSICAL
Musical Director MATT SYMONDS
Choreographer JOANNE MOORE


Author: NOEL G. RIGG

Bat Boy is, I think the most unusual musical production I have visites in the 28 years I have been a NODA Rep. The story about a creature that is half human and half bat is most compelling and I found most absorbing by the finale. It was most enjoyable with wonderfully strong casting in all the major roles as this vey different show demands and this production certainly had. The Sheriff (Chris Hall) was indeed a most suitable choice displaying good acting skills as he tries to help the Parker family but not upset the townsfolk. Meredith (Charlotte Spowage) the mother and wife was most convincing as she struggled with her love for the child and dealing with a most frustrated sex starved husband - a very fine singing and acting performance. These same qualities were also displayed by Shelley (Aimee Good) the daughter as she starts to fall in love with Bat Boy as he grows up. Dr. Parker (Dale Vaughan) another truly excellent performance as he has to come to terms with his sexual frustration and his guilty secret as being the boy's father, a very strong performance. But without doubt the star performance of this prodction was Bat Boy Edgar (Matt Roddis), this was truly fantastic by any standards with fine acting and singing and his most amazing agility had to be seen to be believed - a superbly produced performance. All the other roles gave super backing to this production. The sound and good set and the most amazing lighting along with a band that was well controlled did much to enhance what can only be described as a theatrical experience.