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Babes in the Wood


11th January 2019


Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society


Heritage Chapel and Halls Rushden

Type of Production



Ash Pott

Musical Director

Albert Luck


Becky Williams


Author: Caroline Jervis

What an enjoyable afternoon this was as we watched R.A.T.S latest production of “Babes in the Wood”. This was a really traditional pantomime with lots of good clean fun for all the family. The story tells of two children who are kidnaped by the Sheriff of Nottingham and taken into the woods and are later rescued by Robin Hood and his Men …

“Babes in the Wood” has been very well directed by Ash Pott, it was cast well, had good staging and a very good pace throughout. The musical direction by Albert Luck was excellent it had a very good choice of musical numbers which were all sung to a really good standard and backed throughout by an excellent three-piece band. The choreography by Becky Williams was imaginative, energetic and be-lied her young age, well done!

There were very good performances from all the cast. The two babes, Lucinda and Elizabeth were delightfully played by Isobel Oliver and Maya Edgeworth. Maid Marion, played by Becky Williams and Robin Hood, played by Amy Richardson both gave confident and mature performances and had beautiful singing voices. Milly Wrighton as Steward and Abigail Edwards as Sprinkler both gave very good performances (I loved Abigail’s cartwheels!). The Sheriff of Nottingham was portrayed by Stewart Ivatt but try not to use your arms quite so much so as not to distract from what was an excellent and strong performance. Gordon Oliver was outrageously funny as Dame Petunia Peasbody and he had a great rapport with the audience. Rita Blackall as Goodde and Summer Mayston-White as Badde gave performances that I enjoyed very much and they worked very well together. Jarrel Archer as Little John, George Fortescue as Friar Tuck, Gillian Tidbury as Much the Miller, Hannah Porter as Will Scarlett and Skye Plumb as Alan a Dale completed the line-up of Robin Hood's men they all gave strong performances and worked well as a team. A very imposing portrayal of King Richard came from John Curson. A good performance from Connie Dennison as Town Crier and also from Beth Lawman, Ellie Lawman and Sydney Wrighton as the Citizens of Nottingham. Well done to all the company!

The sets for this production were very good and colourful. The props were excellent and well-made as were all the costumes. The make-up was very good, especially the dames. The lighting and sound quality was excellent throughout the pantomime.

Congratulations to all at R.A.T.S for what was a highly entertaining and enjoyable afternoon.

CAROLINE JERVIS                                                                                                                                    NODA EAST MIDLANDS DISTRICT 7 REPRESENTATIVE.