Date 16th January 2020
Society Tameside Youth Drama Group
Venue Hyde Festival Theatre
Type of Production Pantomime
Director Rachel Bunting
Choreographer Becci Alberti


Author: Claire Ashworth

The show opened with a beautifully painted back cloth of an oriental street, the chorus costumes instantly gave it away that we were watching Aladdin and were very much in keeping throughout the whole show. It was quite a large cast with ages from 7 to 16 but at no time did the stage look too crowded. The dancers worked hard to deliver their choreography, the concentration could clearly be seen on their faces - it would have been nice to see them smile more, one girl did and it really lit the stage up. The props used were minimal and pertinent to each particular scene, a truck was used in the take away scene by the Dame and she controlled  it well. The Dame was played by Millie -May Taylor, she did a very competent job and soon had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand and responding well every time she appeared. She had some nice chemistry with Amelia Kerr who played Wishee Washee. Amelia certainly used her facial expressions and shoulder shrugs well to convey her characters thoughts. Her love interest So Shy was played by Olivia Keller - she gave us a lovely soft yet solid performance and worked very well with Leila Henneker playing Princess Mandarin. Leila showed us some sass and was a good counter balance for Hollie Appleyard’s Aladdin. The two delivered a very pleasant duet and told the story well - I would have liked to have seen some a little more connection with the audience from some cast members, but it will come with time and experience. Martha Evans as the Spirit of the Ring held us all in very safe hands, she gave a lovely comfortable performance. Gulliver Hubbard as The Emperor was great to watch, he gave us some fabulous clear diction, enunciation and projection. Katie Wilkins and Abigail Whalley as Yu-Dun-Wong and Hu-Dun-Pong worked extremely hard throughout the show and kept their energy levels high, they showed some good comedic timing. Jack Bunting as Abanazer used his side of the stage well and interacted with the audience - I do however feel that his character could have done with a bit more menace and light and shade . Bobby Doherty as the Genie of the Lamp delivered his lines well and worked well with Hollie ( Aladdin).

Unfortunately, at times the sound was muffled and so some of the dialogue was lost during the performance that I saw - however this did not detract from the visual performance and the costumes and cloths were lovely and colourful - the cast were enthusiastic and obviously enjoyed being on the stage. Thank you for inviting me, I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.