A Tomb With A View

Date 28th February 2020
Society Peculiar Productions
Venue Llanover Hall Arts Centre - Cardiff
Type of Production Play
Director Terrance Marshman-Edwards


Author: Allan Mears

"A Tomb With A View" is a macabrely funny comedy from the pen of Norman Robbins, with as many red herrings and twists in the plot as any good Miss Marple murder mystery! I had no previous knowledge of this play and so was very intrigued to see what was about to be put in front of me.

Steve durbin as Lucien Tomb, the impatient eldest son, outraged at everything and everyone gave a bombastic performance.

Ekaterina Moskvina as Dora Tomb, a batty old dear with a penchant for poisoning people and drinking sherry, was tinged with murderous madness and full of scared innocence, This actress had a lovely tone to her voice and delivered the dialogue with ease.

Josh Flynn as Hamilton Penworthy played the devious and grasping solicitor to a ‘T’, played with just the right calm but authoritative temperament. Established the tone of evening immediately giving a very solid performance

Liz Keech as Anne Franklin was very good in the role of the carer and played the role with genuine affection for the ward in her care.

Jane Allison as Agatha Hammond gave us a feeling of security amidst all the confusion and going on’s. Her facial expressions really reached out to the audience. very watchable and likeable.

Alice Boswell as Emily Tomb was well cast, strong and manipulating. A no nonsense straight to the point character played to a high standard.

Edward Thomas as Marcus Tomb, the deranged brother with a Julius Caesar complex, complete with Roman toga managed to capture the character with ease.

Lucy Howlett as Monica Tomb was played with alluring brazenness. Her open pursuit of the new man in the house Peregrine was delightfully played. A feisty female who knows exactly what she wants from a man.

Sarah Thomas as Ermyntrude Ash / Freda Mountjoy was nicely played and I enjoyed the character traits.

James Paine as Peregrine Potter was played with great aplomb. The concentration and delivery of the script is a credit to his acting abilities. Played with great skill  – scared, then practical, then desperate.

A well-designed set recreated the suspiciously empty-shelved library, complete with secret panel,

The director had cast the play well, everyone fitting his/her roles well, and the production had lots of beautiful performances. And the music choice suited this production and added to the overall feel.

This was quite a brave choice of play and I would urge you to continue to be bold in your choices and help to push boundaries in non professional theatre.