9 to 5 - The Musical

Date 16th March 2016
Society Dundee Operatic Society
Venue Whitehall Theatre, Dundee
Type of Production Musical
Director Ross Leslie
Musical Director Richard Waghorn
Choreographer Ross Leslie


Author: Roger D. Buist

This was the first of three new shows to be staged in this NODA district within the next few months. It also appeared to have been a “must-see” show because the theatre had a packed house on its opening night. It got off to a great start - thanks to the great Dolly Parton herself, seen on a video screen to welcome people to the performance. Then followed the well known opening musical number “9 to 5”, to represent a bustling day at the office of Consolidated Industries. The show needs several good female leads and DOS had them in abundance! The top trio of ladies – Lynn Macfarlane as office supervisor Violet; Paula-Jane Wales, as the boss’s secretary; and Joanna Shepherd, a new member of staff, were all in top form and their strong  and sound performances were a tour-de-force. This trio virtually carries the show and this they did in fine style. The fantasy sequence where the three ladies imagine themselves either as a femme fatale, a crack rodeo star, and Snow White, was totally outrageous! Another lady to make her mark was Jen Newton – appearing as the dowdy, but faithful, CEO’s admin assistant – who, it is revealed later, has rather a mixed love life! The cause of all these women rebelling is, of course, CEO of Consolidated, (and I quote from the programme) the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot Franklin Hart, Jnr. played to great effect by Graeme Smith, who finds himself a prisoner and, at one point, hanging from the roof, courtesy of the trio of women! No wonder he was highly strung! Adam Campbell played Joe, who admires Violet from afar, and he shows great promise for the future showing great feeling in one of the show’s tender scenes.The production requires numerous, quick, scene changes, and this was achieved brilliantly by the video projections and a well-drilled cast who moved the stage furniture around to enable a slick show. Director Ross Lesslie should be very proud because he was definitely multi-tasking this production as director, choreographer, and designer of a most ingenious and impressive stage set, built also by him and the stage crew. The country and western songs were easy on the ears, accompanied by a fine, and well honed, orchestra. Well done, DOS it was all absolutely brilliant!