42nd Street

Date 2nd November 2013
Society Hereford Musical Theatre Company
Venue The Courtyard, Hereford
Type of Production Musical
Director Kim Owen
Musical Director Jenni Axtell
Choreographer Kim Owen


Author: Louise Hickey MBE

The perfectly balanced cast gave the packed theatre a real treat with this fabulous production. Before the overture had finished the curtain opened on one of the many dance routines that were spectacularly choreographed and swept us along from song to song. My admiration for Judith Milner knows no bounds after watching her tapping away furiously and expertly and then gave the opening line; I couldn’t breathe just watching her. Sam Stokes was absolutely lovely, singing and dancing with grace and style. Jon Stacey gave a really strong, confident and believable performance as Julian Marsh. The role of Dorothy Brook, the Diva of the show, was expertly portrayed by Trudy Connolly who gave a performance of strength, power and finally compassion, which put a smile on our faces and a tear in our eye when she sang a beautiful duet with Sam; their voices were so well balanced in quality, depth and clarity. The other roles very well played by Richard Davies, Lewis Booton, Adele Alexander, Paul Morris, George Powell, Frank Bennett and Emma Stephenson-Baker added greatly to the overall joy this show gave me. The ensemble sang and danced with ease and enthusiasm and looked stunning in the glamorous costumes. I would have liked to mention you all individually but there are too many of you, but you did a great job. Well done HMTC and I hope you bottled the razzmatazz that you all had in abundance on 42nd Street. And finally a special well done from me to Kim and Jenni; perfect direction!