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Dick Whittington

Dick Whittington

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Bradford & Webster (2009) - A vibrant pantomime full of colourful charaters

Leonard Caddy (1987) - Traditional comedy 

Peter Denyer (2006) - A strong, dramatic story line, with lots of different locations

Vicki Burns (2016)

Stephen Duckham (2000) - Follow the adventures of Dick Whittington and his faithful cat Tommy

Ron Hall (1982) - A fast-moving story line with plenty of comedy and yet not too many props

Mark Llewellin (2007) - A traditional tale

Long & Rawnsley (2006) - The many adventures of Dick Whittington

Gail Lowe (1994) - This new and original script follows the adventures of Dick Whittington and his friends

Robert Marlowe (1987) - A strictly traditional version full of laughlines

Marsden & Rundle (2008) - This traditional comedy is full of colourful comedy characters