The Pickwick Papers

Author Charles Dickens
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This play documents the hilarious adventures of the benevolent but accident-prone Mr. Pickwick and the blundering but enthusiastic members of the Pickwick Club, as they set out to explore the wider world beyond their comfortable homes.

Never before or since has such a wonderful cast of richly eccentric innocents abroad been assembled in one place. Never before or since has there been a more joyous rumble-tumble of misunderstandings, misalliances and misadventures than those which beset and bewilder the delightful characters of Samuel Pickwick (Chairman and founder), Mr. Winkle (the ineffectual sporting member), Mr. Snodgrass (the would-be poetic member) and Mr. Tupman (the very romantic member), aided in their wanderings and frequently protected from themselves by the ever-resourceful Sam Weller.

Whether bamboozled by confidence tricksters or on the wrong end of duelling pistols, whether involved in romantic entanglements or suits for breach of promise of marriage, whether arrested as house-breakers or for assisting and preventing elopements, whether playing cricket, hunting, skating or incarcerated in a debtors’ prison, they are borne through the highspots and lowspots of early-Victorian England on a tidal wave of irrepressible good humour, well-meaning gullibility and copious quantities of liquid refreshment.

The Pickwick Papers was the young Charles Dickens’ first novel and immediately established him as the inimitable family entertainer.