Celebration Day 2020 - held on-line

I very much regret to announce that the Celebration Day, due to take place on Sunday 19th April at The Electric Theatre, has been cancelled.  Whilst we, the South East Regional Committee, appreciate how disappointing this is, we will endeavour to make up for it next year when, hopefully, the present pandemic has run its course.

The Committee wishes to express its sincere thanks to all those who volunteered to entertain everyone - we appreciate all the effort that has gone into the planning and rehearsals.  Our thanks also to Sue Sampson and Steve Bean who were to facilitate the workshops.  Hopefully we can organize an event at a later date that will enable us to benefit from their talents.  We would also like to express our appreciation to the traders for being willing to attend and trust that their businesses will not be adversely affected by the present difficulties and  hope they will support us again in the future. 

We will be arranging to send out all the documents and speeches that would have been made at the AGM so you will receive all the relevant information.

Most importantly the Accolades, Awards and Poster & Programme Winners will be announced on the NODA South East page, the NODA South East Facebook page and in a full newsletter.

Meanwhile do all stay safe.

Kay Rowan

NODA South East Regional Councillor