2021 Online AGM with Entertainment


Notice is hereby given that the NODA South East AGM, due to to be held at 2pm on Sunday 28th March 2021, will be conducted by Zoom – the link will be sent with the agenda and documents.

Regional Councillor for 2021-2022

In order to comply with Rule 19(7)(c) of the Constitution of NODA-CIO, a Regional Councillor must be elected each year to serve on the Council of NODA-CIO from the date of the Association’s Annual General Meeting. A Regional Councillor who seeks re-election shall be deemed to have been duly nominated for the purposes of clause 19(7)(a). The Regional Councillor, Kay Rowan, currently serving NODA South East, is seeking re-election.

No further action need be taken by Societies or Individual Members unless they wish to nominate someone else. Any society wishing to nominate someone else should complete the necessary form available from Head Office and return it by Friday 19th February 2021.

Regional Representatives prepared to stand for 2021-2022:
District 1 - Lance Milton
District 2 - Brenda Gower
District 3 - Anne Lawson
District 5 - Gordon Harris
District 6 - Cheryl Mumford
District 7 - Doreen Grierson
District 9 - Keith Smithers
District 10 - Mark Donalds
District 12 - E Gloria Smith
District 13 - Marie Coltman
District 14 - Chris Horton
District 16 - Christine Blow
District 17 - Mark Allen
District 18 - Pauline Surrey
District 19 - Graham Botterill

An existing rep standing for re-election is deemed to have been nominated under clause 19 (8) (a) as per Clause 19 (8) (c). If you wish to nominate someone other than the present Regional Representative for your District please request the form from your regional Councillor. The completed form should be returned by Friday 19th February 2021.

If a nomination is made for someone other than the existing or nominated Regional Representative, it must be supported by the equivalent of fifteen votes. Each nominating Society has five votes, each Individual Member one vote and Joint Members two votes.

Contact: kay.rowan@noda.org.uk