NODA North West Youth Workshops


Youth theatre is definitely a high priority in the North West Region of NODA with some outstanding performances in both plays and musical theatre.

A number of years ago NODA first began it's Youth Development Policy in order to enhance, support and encourage the role of Youth Performers in Amateur Theatre, as, at that time, it was recognised and acknowledged that ‘Youth’ is our future and the youth members we have will very much be the performers and NODA representatives in years to come, They will be the people who keep our wonderful hobby alive for ourselves and for our audiences. This is now paying dividends, to such an extent that we in the North West we are proud to host a Youth Awards Evening with over 300 young performers and their supporters attending. The awards have over 20 nomination categories for lead and supporting roles as well a production categories. A far cry indeed from what used to be a ‘single youth nomination’ at the end of the adult awards evening.

In the last couple of years NODA North West has held Youth Workshops:

Workshops 1 -  Workington, organised by Jenny King - NODA North West Youth Adviser & Ed McGee - District 10 Regional Representative. 
There were over 40 youngsters attending, some travelling from as far away as Barrow-in-Furness. 

Workshop 2 - Kendal,  organised by Jenny King - NODA North West Youth Adviser & Katherine Carradus - Former District 11 Regional Representative. 
Unfortunately, we had chosen the worst possible day weather-wise, with local flooding and torrential rain, however the youngsters who did manage to get there really enjoyed their day and asked for further workshops.

Workshop 3 - Congleton - August 2017, organised by Jenny King - NODA North West Youth Adviser & Louise Colohan - Fromer District 8 Regional Representative.
Youngsters from 5 different societies in the area attended and everyone really enjoyed the day.

Workshop 4 - Ormskirk Town Hall - August 2019, organised by Jenny King - NODA North West Youth Adviser
We had about 45  young performers aged between 8yrs - 18yrs  working in groups on singing , acting and movement skills, with great tutors involved in many local productions.  It was brilliant seeing youngsters  come from all over the District meet up and become friends - they have even created a whatsapp group to keep in touch and support each others productions.


Message from Jenny King NODA North West Youth Adviser: 

"One of the best things about these workshops is seeing the youngsters arrive, rather quietly, and with their own group of friends, but after a very short time they are all mixing, chattering and supporting their new-found friends, exchanging telephone numbers and future performance details, as well as offering to go and support each other’s shows." 

"As Youth Advisor I would like to thank all the North West Committee and NODA HQ for their continued help and support with both the workshops and the awards evening."

"Youth Theatre is definitely alive and thriving in the North West proving that we are indeed – Passionate about Amateur Theatre – and long may it continue."