NODA North West Drama / G&S Festival

NODA North West
Drama Festival / Gilbert and Sullivan Festival

Established some years ago, the idea of a ‘Drama Festival’ was intended to correct a perceived imbalance in the minds of NODA members between the dominance of big musical productions over the humble play: celebrating the ‘D’ in NODA no less.

We are hoping to extend the ‘Festival’ concept to also include Gilbert and Sullivan productions (in a separate G&S category) again, in the hope of addressing any perceived notion that G&S is seen as something of a ‘Cinderella’ in the NODA household.

Any society from every District in the North West Region can enter one drama or Gilbert and Sullivan production per year and you will be up against productions from all around the North West.  As the same adjudicator will be evaluating each production, there will be a ‘level playing field’ approach taken, comparing like with like, whether a drama production or a G&S show.

The adjudication will take the form of a thorough and in-depth review which will be seen only by the society in question and does not replace the ordinary NODA show report from your district rep (the adjudication will be an ‘as well as...’ rather than ‘instead of...’). Your production will be in competition with other entrants in the Festival category for the annual awards at the North West Conference and AGM.

For more details, please contact our Festivals Co-ordinator: David Slater -

Rules for Entrants and Register of Interest:

1. One production may be entered from each society each year. As drama groups often run seasons of plays at different points in the year, choose wisely which production to submit which will show off your society’s talents in the best light.  

Similarly, with any society which produces more than one G&S production per year, choose the show you think will reflect well on your talents as each society may only enter one production per year. 

2. The society must be a fully paid up, bona fide member of NODA.

3. There will be a standard entry fee of £30.00.  

4. Any genre of play can be entered, farce, comedy, drama etc. — likewise, any of the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

• There will be two prizes in each of the categories, Drama and G&S — Overall Winner and Runner-Up.

• Prizes will be presented at the NODA North West Conference held in May each year. 


Previous Winners of the Drama Festival are here.