Welcome to NODA London

Hello again,

Now that the holidays are over we are all thinking of  Christmas  and with that comes the pantomime season.  I hope you are all having terrific fun with your rehearsals, and I look forward to reading the reports from your Regional Reps, and attending some myself.  This is always a busy time of the year – but a very exciting one too.

You will shortly be receiving your subscription renewal for membership of NODA and I would encourage you to send it off in good time.  Please be aware that unless you are a current member then you will be unable to be nominated for a NODA London award next year, and you cannot enjoy the services of your regional rep as far as reports for your shows are concerned.

The launch of the 2014 NODA Summer School will take place on the 1st December and I would urge you, if you have never attended, to give it a try – it will be the best week of your theatrical life, believe me.  We have increased the bursaries from £250 to £300 to keep abreast of the costs, so make sure you look at the website on the 1st December.  You will never regret it!!!

Judging for the 2014 Programme and Poster Competition will take place in February so please make sure you complete the form on the website and get your entries to me in good time.  Shows which took place between 1st January and 31st December 2013 are the ones that qualify.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jacquie Stedman

Councillor for NODA London