National Conference and AGM 2020 and COVID19

The Council of NODA met on Saturday by video link. We considered the effect of both the current restrictions and the likely extension to movement and social distancing on our National Conference and took the decision to postpone the 2020 National Conference in Durham until 2021. We would ask you not to send any monies or bookings for the 2020 event.

There is uncertainty at this time on the consequences of the virus as even if the “All Clear” is sounded before the 19 September there will be many who may be reluctant to travel to such a gathering.

We are intending holding the 2020 AGM as a virtual or streamed meeting, details of how this will work in practice are still being investigated.  All the usual documentation will be available although it will be necessary for any questions to be submitted in writing prior to the event and the open forum at the end of the AGM will have to be put on hold.

Council agreed that Christine Hunter Hughes remain in post as President with Gordon Richardson as Vice President until the National Conference in 2021. The results of the Programme and Poster Competition will be announced in September and the Certificates will be forwarded electronically with the Regional Councillors making a formal presentation of the Certificate by arrangement with the winning societies at a later date.

We are continuing to look at ways in which we can support our members during this period of isolation and we will be posting a number of presentations by Summer School Tutors to be accessed online through our NODA website, this will give many members the opportunity of honing their skills prior to their return to the stage so watch out for further announcements.

In the meantime, look out for each other and keep well


On behalf of all the NODA Trustees

Michael Hastilow

Chairman of NODA Trustees

2 April 2020