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Young NOMADS 24 hour concert

27th September 2017

24 Hour Concert

 When the Young NOMADS decided their Autumn production would be the botanical feast of entertainment that is Little Shop of Horrors, they faced the challenge that many amateur societies putting this on production experience – how exactly to get the money needed to buy/hire the numerous versions of the plant. They knew they had to fund-raise but the question was how…

So the adults and youth section decided on a variety show in the Summer Holidays… a variety show with a twist – the twist being that the whole thing would be put together in just 24 hours!

This meant that the cast of 20 young people arrived at 7:30pm on the Sunday for their first production team meeting to decide on everything needed for the show - from what pieces could be performed, to what the running order would be, and of course agreeing who would actually be performing what!

Once that piece of democracy in action was complete, they were onto the small task of learning all of the songs, choreographing and learning every number, and then putting it all together with lighting, sound and props!

What the young people came up with was a diverse range of entertainment to suit all tastes – from comedy sketches, to contemporary dance routines to famous numbers from classic musicals such as Les Mis, as well as more recent box office hits such as Kinky Boots.

The under 16s had to leave at 11pm because of the performance licence, so it was down to the older youth members to work through the night, practising their pieces (there’s nothing quite like seeing a contemporary dance piece being choreographed at 3:45 in the morning!), learning their lines and doing all of the extra things that were needed like putting together the programme.

And of course, to keep energy levels high, there were the compulsory party dance routines every hour (anyone for the Macarena or Cha Cha Slide?)

The half-way point production meeting was accompanied by Breakfast, and then it was back to rehearsals until the younger members re-joined after lunch. They didn’t come back empty-handed though, instead bringing in countless baked goods ready for the Young NOMADS bake-off, which featured everything from flapjack, to cookies to a unicorn cake!

By 7:10pm the dress rehearsal was done ready for the paying public to come in just 5 minutes later culminating in a full performance which combined with the bake-off and the raffle raised over £550.

Co-producer, Andy McGowan said When I came up with the idea of a 24 concert, I had no idea whether it would even be possible, let alone whether people would come! But the support from family and friends of the cast and wider community provided us with an electrical atmosphere which the young people thrived off – even if they were rather sleep-deprived! By far, the best part about the event was that it was all led by the young people and it really was their show.”