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NODA London Performance Showcase Competition 2018

21st October 2017

NODA London Performance Showcase Competition 2018

Be one of just ten groups from across London to perform at our NODA London Showcase!

Is your society up for a challenge? Do you want the chance to show the rest of London what you’re made of?

On Saturday 23 June 2018, ten groups will get the opportunity to give a 20-minute performance at the Radlett Centre, WD7 8HL (

A panel of independent expert judges will give feedback that evening, and the winner will be presented with the trophy.

What can the society perform?

You might choose to perform an extract from a musical, a musical compilation, a scene from a play or a one-act play, or a piece you have written yourselves, but really anything which showcases your society’s talents. 

Next steps:

If your group is keen to grab this opportunity to show NODA London how good you are:

·        work out what you could perform

·        register using the Word or online form below before 31 December 2017.


If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Rogers on

Please note:  your group is responsible for obtaining any necessary rights to your performance. The NODA website has a useful factsheet on licensing and what sort of performances need a licence. For instance a 20 minute compilation of songs from musicals can be performed without a licence as long as there are no costumes or staging representing the show from which the songs are taken. Also MTI have said that if a group wants to do an excerpt from one of their shows that they have done previously, if they contact MTI, they would be allowed to perform with costumes and staging on the premise that they have previously applied for a licence and the performance will be before an invited audience. So it is worth contacting a license holder to discuss the options.



1.      By submitting your entry, you commit to performing for up to 20 minutes on Saturday 23 June at the Radlett Centre, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 8HL

2.      Each performance may last no more than 20 minutes. Performances can be less than 20 minutes but groups overrunning the full 30 minute slot (see point 3 below) will be penalised.

3.      Each group will be given five minutes before the performance to set up and five minutes afterwards to vacate the performing area. The stage and wings must be clear for the next group or points will be deducted.

4.      All material produced must be suitable for a family audience.

5.     After all the performances, there will be an adjudication, the winner will be announced and a trophy presented.

7.      If your entry is successful, you will be informed within weeks and no later than 31 January 2018. You must then post a refundable deposit in the form of a cheque for £200, made payable to NODA London, to Andrew Rogers, 28 Station Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 4NX. This must be received by 14 February 2018.

8.       If we receive more than 10 entries, the groups whose deposit cheques are received after the first 10 will be placed on a waiting list. They will then be contacted and given the option of staying on the waiting list or withdrawing with a return of their deposit.

9.      The deposit cheques will be banked. A cheque for £200 will be given to each performing group, at the end of the day, to refund the deposit.

10.      The running order for the day will be decided by lot on the morning of 23 June; please be aware that all performers will be expected to be present in the theatre from first thing in the morning and will need to attend the whole day. Final timings to be announced.

11.  Please note: All participants, including backstage helpers, musicians and supporters will be charged an entry fee. It is expected that this will be £5 per person. This allows them to stay for the whole day and see all the other performances. Groups not actually performing in their slot are expected to form the audience for the other entrants. Refreshments will be available throughout the day from the theatre café.

12. Groups withdrawing before 1st March 2018 will have their £200 deposit returned. NODA London reserves the right to cancel the competition and return deposits at any time, if insufficient entries have been received.

Registration Form

You can either download this document and follow the instructions or you can use this online form. Once you've done this, why not tell everyone on Facebook and Twitter what you've done! Don't forget to tag us: on Twitter, @NODA_London and on Facebook, @NODA.London