NEW: Safeguarding factsheet

Whilst working with young people and/or vulnerable adults can be hugely rewarding for everyone, concerned societies need to recognise that they are responsible for ensuring that no one is harmed in any way by taking part. 

You can read all about your responsibilities in our new factsheet on safeguarding.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding relates to the action taken to promote the welfare of children/vulnerable adults and protect them from harm. 

What is a safeguarding policy?

A safeguarding policy should set out both a group’s general approach towards safeguarding and the practical measures in place to ensure children and vulnerable people are protected.

Top 5 tips:

1) All groups should have a safeguarding policy.

2) It doesn’t have to be too complicated, a common-sense approach is fine, and the level of detail required depends on your involvement with children/vulnerable adults.

3) It’s worth investing the time now as a good policy will put you on solid footing. If you do ever need it, you will be very glad it’s there.

4) Your policy should be made available to all members and connected third parties to access.

5) Get help – the NSPCC site has free resources to help you – make sure you use them.

Check out our Safeguarding - What are your repsonsibilities? factsheet now for more detail