Cartoons Keep Compton Players Smiling

It hasn’t been a good year for West Berkshire-based Compton Players. They had started rehearsing for their 2020 Spring production when Covid struck. No more rehearsals, the show was postponed to the Autumn, then to Spring 2021 and now to Autumn 2021 (maybe).

However when the lockdown began, one of their members, Dave Hawkins, embarked on a project to cheer them all up. Dave is multitalented – as an actor, a writer (pantos his speciality) and a cartoonist – and he resolved to draw a cartoon a day until it was all over. Little did he know what he was letting himself in for. He produced 50 cartoons to cover the first lockdown, then another 50 to cover the exit strategy period. When the second lockdown happened in November he started again and at the time of writing he’s up to 31 in the third lockdown period!

Players' members really looked forward to seeing them, wondering what he would think up next. Their arrival in their inboxes every morning inspired them for the day. The cartoons were so well received that he has published the first 100 in a paperback book. The book is called “What Did You Do In The Lockdown, Daddy?” and is available directly from Dave at  All profits from the book are being donated to the local foodbank.

The group hopes it’s not too long until they can welcome back their loyal audiences to another opening, another show.

Here are some of his cartoons. All are ©Dave Hawkins 2021.