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Ian Bustard

Ian Bustard trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has worked as a professional actor and musician for twenty years performing on a huge variety of productions on stage and screen. He studied film at West Herts college and won the Special Commendation award for his short film Amlet which went on to be shown at many film festivals. Ian has taught acting for camera and film making at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, City Lit college London as well as running camera workshops with various acting schools throughout the U.K. He has recently completed two films, Marty goes to Hollywood and A Love Divided, both of which won Scottish BAFTA awards. He is presently working with the Comedy Unit on a project for the BBC. 

Session: Acting for Screen (Short Course)

“If you get an impulse in a scene, no matter how wrong it seems, follow the impulse. It might be something and if it ain't - take two!” Jack Nicholson

Do you have what it takes to create an original screen performance?
Would you like to develop the skills to portray character and tell stories in film?
Are you an actor that would like to try their hand at a new medium?

This is the course for you…

The lure of the silver screen shows no sign of abating…cinema continues to be a most popular form of art and entertainment.  Screen acting is a fascinating modern art form and a unique performance discipline.  This practical course will give you the opportunity to develop the skills needed for effective and engaging screen performances.

During the course you will
analyse screen acting technique and apply it to a rehearsal context
work on filmed scenes to develop screen performance skills
explore the varying styles of different film directors and explore how they work with actors. 
evaluate your work and the work of your fellow students in the edited performance work of the class.  

This short course is for all those who are in love with the big screen and would like to explore it from a performers point of view. 

Acting for Screen will run from Tuesday to Friday and can be combined with Writing for Screen to form a full week course

Tutor – Ian Bustard

What students say…

“Surprisingly we were trusted with expensive equipment and were hands on from the first day to actually try every aspect of filming”

“Ian brought the best out in all on the course. He is inclusive, empathetic, friendly and skilled and made each and every one of us feel special. What a talented man. Wonderful!”


Session: Writing for Screen (Short Course)

 “To make a great film you need three things. The script, the script and the script.” Alfred Hitchcock. 

Have you got the perfect idea for the next big screen success but need help bringing it to the page?
Are you an aspiring writer who would like to explore a new genre of scriptwriting?
Are you fascinated by the silver screen and would like to learn how the process of creating film begins?

This course is a perfect match for you…

Our experienced tutor, will guide you through an utterly creative journey exploring all elements of writing for the screen including story, structure, characters, dialogue and correct form

During the course you will

This short course is for all those who are in love with the big screen and would like to explore how to write for it. 

Writing for Screen will run from Saturday to Tuesday and can be combined with Acting for Screen to form a full week course

Tutor – Ian Bustard

What the students say…

“Ian is a fab tutor! He is so calm and reassuring and guided us rather than dictated to us. He is incredibly talented and I would definitely do another course with him.”