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9 December 2016 - 17 December 2017


St Hilda's Entertainers




The opening scene of ‘Rapunzel’ was full of colour and The Entertainers Team had done their usual sterling job in creating a great pantomime backcloth, this time of shop fronts. The tower scene led cleverly into Rapunzel’s ‘prison’ - set behind - and Witch Gothel’s entrance, up Rapunzel’s hair and through the window, worked really well. I loved the red toadstool backcloth/tabs too and your ultra violet scene was absolutely brilliant.

Maggie Dean presented a calm and responsible Fairy Dora and looked super in her costume. Her every word could be heard.
The wicked Witch Gothel was played superbly by Laura Allen. Her projection and characterisation were first rate and she made a very scary Witch!
As Rapunzel Emily Manley looked the part and acted it competently .She and the Prince sang their song perfectly well but it wasn’t a very tuneful one, and whilst I understand that it’s good to have up to date numbers in for the youngsters, it appears that majority of your audience are of an older generation and so probably would have appreciated more songs that they recognised.
Curly, Wurly and Bob were especially good and brought plenty of fun to the pantomime. Anwen’s Welsh accent somehow lent itself to the part and she, Mike and Luke looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying being the trio of dimwits who just couldn’t get anything right. The scene in the tower was very good.
Neale worked hard as Frankie and the audience enjoyed his antics.
In the role of Dame Beatrix Bouffant, Thomas Manley gave a relaxed and entertaining performance and the audience found his asides to the prompt amusing.
The pantomime animal, this year in the shape of a unicorn, was just delightful with Lukas and Lara moving well - and together. My compliments go to Philly Bean on producing such an endearing creature.
The four girls playing the hairdressers/secretaries spoke their few lines clearly and adapted to their different occupations, and the Tumblers were bursting with energy and smiled constantly.
Rachel Barnes gave a good performance as Prince Frederick and her song ‘Together’ with Freddie was nicely sung.
As Captain of the Guard Steve Smith did his best to control the unruly bunch of Guards and the routine with the mops was very entertaining.
Anthony Doggwiler and Maggie Rolfe were suitably imperious as the King and Queen and Peter Kent did well as the Herald who finally got it right.

St. Hilda’s Entertainers always have fabulous costumes in the pantomimes and this year was no exception. They were bright and outrageous - just as they should be.
Make-up was fine - but I didn’t think that glittery eyes were appropriate for the Prince.

There were no unduly long sections of dialogue in the piece although I personally thought that last year’s one, written ‘in house’ was more entertaining.

Lighting was good but there was the usual problem of no fade out at the end of songs and as I’ve mentioned it a number of times before perhaps it isn’t possible to do it? I wonder if you could have a pianist for the musical numbers – it really does make a difference.

Choreography was interesting, there was plenty of movement this year and on the whole the cast coped well with it.

Your programme is eye catching and contains all the necessary information



St Hilda's Church Hall