Past Courses

NODA Theatre Summer School provides a residential training resource to all NODA members using professional theatre practitioners to provide relevant first class training to amateur performers, and provides an opportunity to network and experience best practice in all aspects of theatre.

Courses vary from year to year so whether you want to learn more about an area you love, or step out of your comfort zone and try something new then there will be something for you. To inspire you, look below at our list of past courses along with the professional tutors who tutored at Summer School.


(Fight like a) Pirate, Cowboy, Jedi and Wizard (2018 - Tom Jordan / Sam Behan)
Accents for Actors (2015 - Nick DiCola)
Acting for Contemporary Plays (2017 - Dylan Brown)
Acting for Musical Theatre (2014 - Ian Good, 2018 - Susie Dumbreck)
Acting for Screen (2018 - Ian Bustard)
Acting Technique (2019 - Tom Hughes)
Actor's Toolbox One (2015 - Sarah Osborne)
Actor's Toolbox Two (2016 - Dylan Brown)
Acting Masterclass (2014 - Dylan Brown)
Acting - Restoration Comedy (2014 -  Cathleen McCarron)
Acting Shakespeare (2016 - Susan Tordoff)
An Introduction to Acting (2013 - Sarah Osborne)
The Art of Burlesque (2016 & 2017 - Lady May Den-Voyage)
Comedy (2013 - Keith Palmer)
Basics of Ballroom (2018 - Leila Stewart)
Back to Basics – Dance (2019 - Lynne Bustard)
Back to Basics – Singing (2019 - Marjory Watson)
Dance for Beginners (2014 & 2016 - Lynne Bustard)
Dance for Dancers (2014 - Sarah Day)
Dance for Musical Theatre (2013 - Lee Proud)
Drama Pathway (e-School 2020 - Cat Robey / Catriona Cumming / Ian Bustard / Kerry Frampton / Tom Jordan / Sarah Osborne / Elianne and Graeme Hawley)
Epic Theatre (2019 - Kerry Frampton)
Finding the Funny (2018 - Kerry Frampton)
First Rate Revues (2019 -  Ian Good & Sarah de Tute)
The Method (2013 - Dylan Brown)
Multidisciplinary Pathway (e-School 2020 - Cat Robey / Ian Bustard / Jonny Dixon / Kerry Frampton / Tom Jordan / Sarah Osborne / Alex Berriman / Laurann Brown)
Musical Theatre Pathway (e-School 2020 - Lynne Bustard / Marjory Watson / Pamela Rudge / Sarah Day / Sarah de Tute / Susie Dumbreck)
Musical Theatre in Concert - MDs and Performers (2013 - Jonathan O’Boyle & Rob Parish)
Musical Theatre in Performance - Avenue Q (2014 - Corina Bona & Pam Rudge)
Musical Theatre in Performance: Hamilton (2018 - Pam Rudge & Aaron Parsons)
Musical Theatre in Performance - Legally Blonde (2013 - Rhona Cleland & Kelvin Towse)
Musical Theatre in Performance - Some Enchanted Evening (2016 - Stephen Whitson & Andrew Nicol)
Musical Theatre in Performance - Wicked (2017 - Lynne Bustard & Sarah de Tute)
Musical Theatre in Rehearsal - Jason Robert Brown (2016 - Susie Dumbreck & Sarah de Tute)
Musical Theatre in Rehearsal - Kander and Ebb (2013 - Ian Good & Dane Preece)
Musical Theatre in Rehearsal: Revelling in the Classics (2018 - Ian Good & Sarah de Tute)
Musical Theatre in Rehearsal - The Music of Stephen Sondheim (2017 - Ian Good & Andrew Nicol)
Musical Theatre Workshop - Stiles and Drewe (2015 - Simon Greiff & Dane Preece)
Pantomime (2015 - Nigel Ellacott)
Physical Theatre (2018 - Matt Harrison)
Pinter – Play and Politics (2018 -  Josh Roche)
The Plays of David Mamet (2016 - Cathleen McCarron)
The Plays of Noel Coward (2015 - Laurann Brown)
Puppetry (2013 - Corina Bona)
RSC - Voice and Text (2013 - Cathleen McCarron)
Shakespeare - Page to Stage (2015 - Michael Corbidge)
Shakespeare - Pure and Simple (2019 - Michael Corbidge)
Shakespeare - The Complete Deaths (2017 Michael Corbidge & Tom Jordan)
Singing (2015 - Pam Rudge)
Singing for Musical Theatre (2013 - Pam Rudge)
Singing in Performance (2014 - Louise Shephard)
Singer's Toolbox One (2016 - Pam Rudge)
Singer's Toolbox Two (2017 - Pam Rudge)
Stage Combat (2016 - Tom Jordan)
Stoppard - The Deceptive Dramatist (2019 - Cat Robey)
Swashbucklers of the World Unite (2019 - Tom Jordan)
Telling Tall Tales (2019 - Simon Carroll-Jones)
Top Hat - Song and Dance for Musical Theatre (2015 - Sarah Day & Sarah de Tute)
What’s New on the West End  sponsored by Samuel French Ltd (2019 - Aaron Parsons & Pamela Rudge)
With a Song in my Heart (2018 - Marjory Watson)

What was your favourite part of your course?

We went on a real journey of liberation and confidence growing. So it would have to be the increasing body confidence culminating in the Friday presentation which was an awesome experience.

What students say... about our Musical Theatre courses

“there was nothing I didn’t enjoy and too many ‘favourite things'”
“I loved the whole course. And the performing and rehearsing”
“Great to work on a performance piece with a great bunch of people”
“the teaching was absolutely fantastic... the sessions were challenging but fun. I loved being able to spend a week immersing myself in theatre and catching up with friends.”

What students say... about our Singing courses
“Pam is a brilliant teacher who gets on with the job”
“we were given a lot of technical information and tools that were reinforced throughout the week in exercises and discussions. Pam was very approachable and invited questions”
“I loved watching other people have a moment of realisation or triumph - just wonderful”
“I loved seeing the improvement each day in myself and my classmates as we learned and practiced great exercises and techniques”

Creative & Technical

An introduction to Stage Lighting (2013)
An introduction to Stage Lighting Design (2013)
Backstage Pathway (e-School 2020 -  Ian Good / Mark Shayle / Stewart Charlesworth / Paul Stear)
Choreography (2015, 2018 - Lynne Bustard)
Costume Design (2016 - Gregor Donnelly)
Directing Ayckbourn (2017 - Richard Stacey)
Design (2015 - Gregor Donnelly)
Design for Directors (2013 - Gregor Donnelly)
Design for Directors and Designers (2014 - Gregor Donnelly)
Design for Theatre (2017 - Gregor Donnelly)
Devising Drama (2017 - Sarah Osborne)
Directing Drama (2016 - Sarah Osborne)
Directing a Musical (2013 - Susie Dumbreck)
Directing – from Page to Stage (2018 -  Julia Locascio)
Directing for Youth Theatre (2014 - Sarah Osborne)
Directing Musical Theatre (2015, 2017, 2019 - Susie Dumbreck)
Directing Shakespeare (2014 - Michael Corbidge)
Eat your Heart Out Agatha Christie (2019 - Mark Stevenson & Justin Allder)
From Script to Screen (2016 - Ian Bustard)
Lighting (2013 -  Tom Snell)
Lighting 1 - Nuts and Bolts (2015 - George Thomson and Matt Strachan)
Lighting 2 - Bells and Whistles (2015 - George Thomson and Matt Strachan)
Making a Musical (2017 - Ian Bustard)
Set Building and Prop Making (2019 - Matthew Jacques)
Sound Design (2016 - Paul Stear)
Sound for Theatre (2016 - Paul Stear)
Sound – From Empty Space to All Systems Go (2018 - Paul Stear)
Stage Lighting (2014 - Chris Sealy)
Stage Make-Up (2017 - Isobel Donald)
Stage Management (2014, 2016, 2018 - Mark Shayle)
Stage Sound (2014 -  Paul Stear)
Video Production (2015) - Ian Bustard
Working with Text for Directors (2013 - Marieke Audsley)
Writing for Screen (2018 - Ian Bustard)

What students say... 

“a very well balanced course, a good mixture of fun and hard work.”
“I can’t pick out one singular bit, it was all fantastic”
“I learned how to direct a scene which I had never done before and my tutor taught me lots and I became an assistant director for my society”

What students say... 

“difficult to pick out any one thing. The tutor’s experience and knowledge was inspiring. The whole subject matter was fascinating”
“a great tutor who led, listened, taught and made the whole experience fun and worthwhile”
“the fact that the tutor was an active professional in the subject matter”
“being challenged, positively, to think in new ways and being pushed well out of my comfort zone to discover capabilities I had underestimated in myself. I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting other people and benefitting from the sharing of our collective skills”