Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NODA Insurance – Abandonment due to Coronavirus - 18th March 2020

Please see the following clarification from Lloyd & Whyte on this topic.

Effectively, what the Chancellor said last night, about “paving the way for businesses to be insured” is extremely misleading. Barely any businesses will have cover for Coronavirus and even then they must demonstrate that the outbreak locally, emanated from their business.

HOWEVER, we are in the fortunate position where NODA Insurance is different, and better than the general market. What we set out in respect of NODA Insurance below, for societies, still stands. …. And its good news…… The words below haven’t changed and insurers would see an event being cancelled due to Coronavirus as being outside the control of the society……

NODA Insurance provides cover for “Abandonment” of an event, up to the selected sum insured, for unrecoverable expenses, if the society needs to cancel an event for reasons “beyond their control”.

If an event had to be abandoned due to Coronavirus, then there is no specific exclusion relating to this. However, please note :

·       As with all abandonment claims, it wouldn’t cover lost projected income – just unrecoverable expenses

·       It must be the third party venue (or authorities) which make the decision that the event can’t happen (i.e. its “beyond the control of the society”)

·       However, if the society itself decides not to hold the event due to potential spread of infection (rather than a decision of third party venue or authorities), then it wouldn’t be covered.

·       Also note that the whole insurance industry is keeping a close eye on this topic. It could be the case that an insurer makes a decision to stop covering this at some point (as happened with foot and mouth disease, which is excluded in the policy). However, if this ever did become the case, any new exclusion would only kick in after renewal of societies policies, and they would have plenty of notice.   

If you have any queries, please contact NODA Insurance on 01823 250736

Information and guidance will be added when available


Following the latest government recommendations, the NODA Head Office staff will, with immediate effect, now be working from their homes. We have, for some time, used a VOIP based phone system which means our phones can be taken home with us, connected to our home broadband and function exactly the same as if we were in the office. So numbers remain unchanged and we will of course have full access to our email addresses.
Any orders that are submitted to us, for example, award or scripts etc will be despatched once a week. We anticipate the demand to be low in the current climate so hopefully any disruption will be minimal.
Working hours will remain the same - Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm and Friday 9am - 4pm with lunch being taken each day between 1 - 1-45.
For INSURANCE QUERIES please contact NODA Insurance on 01823 250736 or email -


All of us in NODA are committed to support each other and our members assiduously, to ensure we act and respond correctly and responsibly to the challenges posed by Coronavirus.

We have an obligation to follow the guidelines from both H.M. Government and Public Health England. This communication pins a focus on Theatre.

Societies, groups and individuals will vary in their approach and consider the wishes of their members. The current situation, albeit an evolving one, does not include any specific direction for closing or suspending events, or specific guidelines regarding travel.

Theatre, by definition, for both performers and audiences is a close contact environment. The awareness of the risk of cross contamination is a real one; particularly for those in the higher age group and anyone with underlying health conditions. We do not of course seek to deter audiences from visiting venues and having the opportunity to enjoy the wide range of productions, but the impact of Coronavirus is an ongoing and changing situation.

Therefore, the choice for volunteers on whether they attend shows and events must be a personal one which will often be determined by personal circumstances and those of close family and friends. NODA will give full support in whatever decision is taken including choosing to make last minute cancellations. Of course, should this be the case, it may not be possible for your representative, in the foreseeable future, to attend your shows or events. They will be in contact with you directly.

As a board of trustees, we are minimising non-essential travel as much as possible. One decision is to postpone our planned quarterly Trustee meeting in Peterborough at the end of March. This will now be via video conferencing.

Please rest assured that the safety of our volunteers and all NODA members is paramount, and all necessary steps will continue to be taken to ensure that any risk is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The following web sites provide a wealth of information and are subject to continued up-dates:…/organisations/public-health-england



Wash your hands frequently with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds and where possible use a hand sanitiser.

Cover your mouth with tissues whenever you sneeze, and discard used tissues in the bin.

Avoid people who are sick with respiratory symptoms.

Clean frequently touched surfaces.


Some rights holders will offer options on shows subject to postponement and /or cancellations. This would include waiving additional rental time and/or cancellation fees.

Concord Theatricals (Samuel French, R&H, Tams Witmark)

Theatrical Rights Worldwide


The standards policy for Business Interruption may contain an extension clause covering communicable or infectious diseases, but these tend to only be effective if the disease is found at the premises. A government-imposed closure would not normally be covered, even if beyond the control of the venue.


Where meetings are to continue, we recommend that you take a responsible view of your interactions with other individuals e.g. Suspend handshaking, hugging or other direct physical contact.

The Government advise that the best way to protect ourselves from the spread of the virus is for everyone to use universal good hygiene; this means everyone, all the time, which will effectively disrupt the spread of the virus.

We are all in this together and we all must be alert to the challenges and the demands that we might face. We are checking national advice daily and will implement further measures if advised to do so. Clearly, none of us knows precisely how the current situation will develop so we need to work to be prepared for all reasonable eventualities.

Where we are presenting awards and certificates put in place a practical way of presenting them with the minimum of personal contact. It is not implausible for the organiser to be wearing protective gloves and to hand the award to the recipient with the Chairman/President merely offering verbal congratulations.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

13th March 2020